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Welcome to the United Talent Group!

Receive High-quality professional Talent Management and Development Services, from UNITED TALENT GROUP based in Sherman Oaks, CA. Whether your want to Act, Model, Dance, Sing, Entertain, or simply Improve your Career Path. Our team of experts are Actively assisting our Clients Nationwide. We provide the Guidance, Resources and solutions they need enabling them to take the proper steps to be Succesful. Our track record for consistency, timely service, and subject matter expertise Make all your dreams a possibility!

Our Multifaceted Company is here to assist by providing a wide range of Services including but not Limited to: Talent Management/Consulting, Talent Listing on Casting Networks, Audition Preperation, Distribution of Marketing Materials, and Help with Agency Placement. The United Talent Group has Helped hundreds of Entertainers gain control over their Careers, teaching them to rely on their own instincts, imagination and choices. Our Management Services produce confident Performers who bring an original Personality to every production. In fact, the most distinctive thing about a United Talent Group Client,  is how different each one is. We Guide our Clients towards achieving Success with their own artistic voice and Personality. Therefore producing characters that are rich and layered. They become the artist they always wanted to be. 

We are A Selective Group, Meaning we only Manage Entertainers that take their Careers Seriously, and have Much Passion and Determination for Success. The Entertainment Indusrtry is very Competetive and Rejection is a big part of the Process! There are Thousands of opourtunities weekly Nationwide. There are Roles Available in Movies, Commercials, T.V. Shows,  Independent Films, and Sit-Coms. There are many oppurtinities in Mainstream Modeling, Print Modeling, Singing, Dance, Theatre and More... Dont miss out on all the new Exciting opportunities that United Talent Group Can Offer you. To speak with an experienced Talent Manager, simply contact us today and take the First step towards getting your Career in the Entertainment industry Started!